Doru Combi Boiler

Doru Combi Boiler

Higher Efficiency and Longer Life
with the Specially Designed Exchanger

Offering high efficiency with its weldless one-piece, extensive surface area, patented design, the stainless steel heat exchanger also has a longer life span.

Connecting to Room Thermostats
Through the Open-Term Protocol

Maximizes efficiency by easily connecting to room thermostats with its main board which is compatible with the newest technology Open-Term Protocol.

Minimum Electricity Usage with
ErP-Compatible Circulation Pump

Provides low electricity usage and higher efficiency with its ErP (Energy-related products) compatible circulation pump.

User-Friendly Design with Ergonomic
Style and 30 o Large LCD Screen

Allows easy tracking through the illuminated large LCD screen and reaches all temperature and service parameter settings of the Doru boiler.

Can Be Used in Narrow Spaces

As one of the smallest boilers in the world, Doru can fit into the narrowest spaces and be a part of your home.

Appropriate for all Houses
with its Wide Range Options

Suitable for every house, Doru is budget-friendly with its 20kw, 24 kw, 28 kw, 35kw capacity options.

Wide Modulation Range,
Maximum Savings

With its special gas valve, it provides a modulation range of 1/7. It enhances efficiency according to the needs, reduces carbon emissions and saves gas and electricity.

Extremely Quiet

Özel tasarımı, kullanılan gelişmiş silencer ve son teknoloji ses izolasyon malzemeleriyle mükemmel ses ve ısı izolasyonu sağlar.

The Warmth of Your House is on Your Hands

You can now easily warm up more efficiently and comfortably through Dizayn Room Thermostats which function fully integrated with Dizayn Gas Boilers (for both Condensing and Conventional) as well as make precise arrangements up to 0.1°C on the large LCD screen.

- Wireless Connection
- Large LCD Screen
- Easy Usage
- Precise Temperature Measurements
- Heat Calibration Control

Safety Systems

  High Water Pressure Relief (3 Bar)
Protects the radiator heating circuit and device against possible increase in pressure.

  Low Water Pressure Relief (0,5 Bar)
Prevents the device operation in low water pressure.

  Automatic By-Pass System
Ensures water circulation in the device to prevent heat build-up.

  Expansion Tank (7 L)
Compensates for the expansion of the hot water in the heating circuit.

  EMC Filter
The filtration system that provides electromagnetic compatibility.

  Ionization Electrode
Checks for the presence of flame in burner.

  Pump Anti-Blockage System
Prevents blocking of the pump by running it in every 24 hours as long as there is electrical connection.

  3 Way Valve Anti-Blockage System
Prevents blocking by running the 3 way valve in every 24 hours as long as there is electrical connection.

  Anti-Freezing System
In the case of electricity and gas supply is available, Anti-Freezing System activates the device automatically when mains water temperature is below 5° C.

  Automatic Air Vent
Ensures automatic expulsion of the air in the heating installation.

  Safety Valve
Provides protection against overpressure in the heating installation.

  Overheating Safety Thermostat (90° C)
Stops the device operation if heating water temperature exceeds safety level.

  Flue Safety System
It provides safety by shutting down the system in case of high temperature in the flue.

  Condensate Trap
It provides safety of the environment by blocking the waste gas escape from the condensate water outler.

Technicial Specifications

Exclusively Designed Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Weldless, one-piece, extensive heating surface area, patented design, stainless steel Dizayn Kombi exchanger.

Premix Burner Group

The system works in an integrated manner as well as provides high efficiency combustion thanks to the burner designed in accordance with the premix technology.

Advanced Silencer

Ensures silence with its specially-designed silencer.

Circulation Pump with Modulation

Guarantees low electricity usage with its ErP compatible modulation pump.

Can function with both natural gas and LPG.

Service – Friendly Design
As a product of many R&D works, Doru boilers are specially designed to offer easy access to services with its one-piece front panel.