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Combitech Plus Superior Features

A Class High Productivity with
Gas Adaptive System

With its electronic Gas Adaptive System and Full Premix features, it can detect gas quality and maintain burning quality. Provides up to %108,1 efficiency by using all gas energy.

Saving with up to 1/10 Modulation

Both fixes its capacity accordingly with the requirement and ensures saving through its up to 1/10 ratio wide modulation interval by decreasing its power to 3kW.

Double Tap Warm Water Comfort (15 1/min)

Provides up to 15 liters per minute (Δt: 30°C) double tap with high hot water capacity.

Longer Life with Stainless Premix Steel Exchanger

Allows longevity with wide groove weldless, single strand stainless steel combustion exchanger and stainless steel domestic water heat exchangers.

Quiet Operating and Low Heat Loss

Reduces heat loss through its special insulation used on the front and side covers and operates quietly. Works efficiently and silently through its fan modulation.

Corrosion Resistant Brass Hydro block

Has a long life span with its thermal stresses and corrosion durable brass and composite hydro block.

Continuous Instant Hot Water with Pre-Heat

Always keeps the plate heat exchanger water hot by its pre-heating feature.

Annual 26 Kw Electric Consumption

According to the ErP regulation, it has A class hot water efficiency. Has a very low electricity consumption value in water heating such as 117W per day and 26kW per year.


Combustion performance of the supplied gas is automatically monitored and it is adjusted for full combustion by means of gas adaptive system used in Dizayn Kombi. Thus, full combustion is possible at gas pressures varying in 3 - 20 mbar interval, in cases of E-H-LL gas deviations or supply dependent wobbles in H gas.


Adjust to My Environment: With this optional setting; quiet combustion, full performance and high efficiency are offered by means of the modulation curve identified for your city.

Safety Systems

  High Water Pressure Relief (3 Bar)
Protects the radiator heating circuit and device against possible increase in pressure.

  Low Water Pressure Relief (0,5 Bar)
Prevents the device operation in low water pressure.

  Automatic By-Pass System
Ensures water circulation in the device to prevent heat build-up.

  Expansion Tank (7 L)
Compensates for the expansion of the hot water in the heating circuit.

  EMC Filter
The filtration system that provides electromagnetic compatibility.

  Ionization Electrode
Checks for the presence of flame in burner.

  Pump Anti-Blockage System
Prevents blocking of the pump by running it in every 24 hours as long as there is electrical connection.

  3 Way Valve Anti-Blockage System
Prevents blocking by running the 3 way valve in every 24 hours as long as there is electrical connection.

  Anti-Freezing System
In the case of electricity and gas supply is available, Anti-Freezing System activates the device automatically when mains water temperature is below 5°C.

  Automatic Air Vent
Ensures automatic expulsion of the air in the heating installation.

  Safety Valve
Provides protection against overpressure in the heating installation.

  Overheating Safety Thermostat (90° C)
Stops the device operation if heating water temperature exceeds safety level.

  Air-Suction Security
Turns off and secures the device when sufficient air flow is not available inside the device.

  Limit Thermostat
Limits the temperature of the water exiting the heat exchanger to 105° C.

Technical Specifications

Stainless Steel PREMIX Exchanger

With its bold vessel, without any welded sections, single spiral, stainless steel, special design heat exchanger, its longevity is extremely high.

Premix Burner Group

Compatible with stainless steel and gas adaptive system and very resistant.

Modulation Circulation Pump

Provides lower electric consumption with its ERP-compatible modulation pump.

B&P Electronic Board and Gas Adaptive System

Always operates in high productivity. Can function with both Natural Gas and LPG.

Supplies easy interference with its service-friendly interior design. Delivers ideal sound and heat isolation through its soft isolation materials and design.